Features / our spice rack


The following ingredients, mixed and blended together, are at the heart of the BuzzSpice agent:

Content Crawler - surfs the web and searches for interesting, publicly available content. It then filters the content, to make sure only highly relevant and popular content items enter the BuzzSpice smart content bank.

DNA Engine - digests your page and creates your unique signature and profile. These are based on your page activity, fans and visitors, comments, likes and other statistics that are available for your page.

Social Algorithms - based on your unique page DNA, our smart social algorithms match the best relevant activities for you - content you should publish, its relevant target audience and recommended publishing time.

Our social algorithms are constantly monitoring and learning your specific page and audience, to optimize and make sure your page’s performance keeps increasing.

Spices Engine - will make sure your posts are never dull. We will spice up your page with news, birthdays and events that are highly relevant for your fans. Sometimes we’ll just end up recommending a funny cat photo.
You know… these cats… one can never get enough of these cats! (:

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