Targeting Posts / By Gender

What’s Targeting by Gender?

With BuzzSpice, you can target published posts to genders. For example, when you target a post to be viewed by females, only girls will see your post in their newsfeed (the main list of events you see when you log into your Facebook account).


BuzzSpice’s post targeting allows you to target your posts by gender and set your messages to the right audience.



The Benefits of Targeting

Targeting is a powerful tool, that allows you to get your message across to the right audience without annoying the wrong followers.

As seen in the above example, you can create two posts that would be published simultaneously, with two different messages - one for girls and one for guys.


How to Enable Targeting for Your Page?

To enable targeting for your Facebook page, just follow the instructions in this short video.
We recommend watching it in Full Screen mode.



Targeting controls what users see in the newsfeed. When actively viewing your page, all your fans will see all your posts, whether targeted or not.