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BuzzSpice was founded by social marketing and data mining experts.
We are enthusiastic about social media, customer engagement and performance optimization engines.

Our automated agent was born as a blend of social media needs, and data-mining solutions.
We strive to maintain a simple, intuitive and inviting user interface, while keeping the sophisticated number-crunching algorithms at the heart of the machinery.

“Things should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”.
[Albert Einstein]

Management / team

Moti Radomski / CEO

Moti has over 20 years experience with products that make a change.
In 2005, co-founded YaData, a marketing data-mining company, which was acquired by Microsoft three years later. Prior to that, Moti played key roles in Product Management, Sales and R&D for various technological companies.

Alon Levin / VP Marketing

Alon has extensive experience with direct & social media marketing. Founded NetCRM in 2000, which managed loyalty programs and direct marketing for leading retail chain stores, and was acquired by BeeContact in 2005. Social technology consultant for Mandalay Digital Group Inc (MNDL).

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